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Team Canada wins the Whistler Cup

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Congratulations to Team Canada on their victory of the Whistler Cup, the first home soil victory since 2013!

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On behalf of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club and the Whistler Cup Organizing Committee, I would like to welcome the visiting teams, families and volunteers arriving from across Canada and 20 countries. These athletes will compete on Whistler’s Dave Murray Training Centre for the coveted Whistler Cup trophy and a place on the podium that will be located in the Skiers Plaza. You will spot them on the hill, around town, and in a parade wearing their iconic Whistler Cup jackets that they will take home to share Whistler’s name around the globe.

Whistler Cup was the vision of three local alpine ski-racing enthusiasts who believed that Whistler could host a celebrated, international junior racing event just like the prestigious races that are famous in Europe. Fast-forward to this April 11thto 14th, when over 420 athletes and their coaches will journey to Whistler Blackcomb to race and celebrate the 27th running of the Whistler Cup.

Several Whistler Cup winners have gone on to become World Cup, Olympic and Paralympic champions, such as Lindsey Vonn, Marcel Hirscher, Tina Maze, Mikaela Shiffrin, Manuel Osborne-Paradis, Erik Read and Mollie Jepsen. For other young athletes, the Cup provides a single chance to participate in a large, international ski race, enabling them to meet and go on to form lasting relationships through sport.

The Whistler Mountain Ski Club is proud of not only running this marquee event for 27 years, but foralso being an innovator in International Children’s
alpine racing. Two years ago, we introduced the first ever Alpine Team Event in international children’s racing and we are excited to include it in the U14
program this year. The race was a huge success, as the athletes, coaches and spectators loved the comradery that head to head racing brought on.

Raven and Ptarmigan will once again be where the Super G, GS and SL events will be held. For those that want to see the potential future speed demons of the world, the Super G on Thurs, April 11 is the place to be. We invite everyone to come out over April 11thto 14th, and watch the action on either the Raven and Ptarmigan runs or on the Upper Dave Murray Downhill run on Whistler Mountain with your flags, cowbells, and enthusiasm to cheer on the athletes for a great race.

Good luck and great racing to all athletes!

Jim McGovern


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The Whistler Mountain Ski Club members, staff and alumni are incredibly excited to welcome the teams from across the world to compete for the Whistler Cup for the 27th year.

As in previous years our U16 FIS children’s event will see some of the best U16 athletes from over 20 Nations battle it out to see which country will win
the Whistler Cup.

Meanwhile the U14 festival will provide the younger athletes from across the country and the world a chance to compete on an International stage and gain valuable experience in a terrific festival environment.

This year has again seen many athletes who have competed at the Whistler Cup, and in April we will get an insight as to who some of the future champions could be.

We are enormously grateful to the terrific sponsors that support the Whistler Cup and make it possible for us to deliver the events both on snow and in the village that the athletes will remember and cherish for many years to come.

Whistler Blackcomb and the Dave Murray National Training Centre, sponsored by Wheaton Precious metals provide us with an outstanding facility to race on and will ensure that we have the best conditions possible for the athletes to perform their best.

We also cannot say thank you enough to the volunteers that work tirelessly, from many weeks before the event, until long after the last race to make the best experience possible for our visiting teams, support staff, sponsors, parents and supporters.

Welcome to Whistler!

Mark Tilston
Executive Director
Whistler Mountain Ski Club


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On behalf of Whistler Blackcomb, we would like to welcome all the athletes to the 2019 Whistler Cup.

Whistler Blackcomb has been proud to be a supporter and host venue for the Whistler Cup. The Whistler Cup is the largest and most prestigious ski race of its kind in North America for young athletes aged 12-15, and attracts hundreds of young skiers from over 20 different countries across the globe.

It is always a privilege and honour to provide the venue to bring these young athletes together to showcase their sport and abilities. Congratulations to all of you for your hard work, dedication and determination to qualify and to attend this event. You are all winners already.

We want to thank all of the competitors, coaches, volunteers and families who have all made a significant effort to be here. Have a great weekend of racing.

Doug MacFarlane
Senior Director of Mountain Operations
Whistler Blackcomb


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Sam Mulligan isn’t a Whistler local, but coming from the Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club, he’s not that far off.

Mulligan, a veteran of five Whistler Cup festivals instead of four (benefitting from a FIS age change for the 2012-13 season), won four medals at the Whistler Cup, including giant slalom gold in 2013.

His fondest memories, however, involve breakfast.

“I always liked the breakfast up there. You’d get the early load and get that nice Fresh Tracks breakfast,” he said with a laugh. “That was always a highlight for me as a kid—just pig out before going to race.”

Of course, winning a race at Whistler Cup was a major stepping stone for Mulligan en route to his young World Cup career.

“Looking back, it doesn’t seem as big of a deal but in the moment, you feel like it’s the most important thing in the world. At the time, I was super happy to show that I could do well and it gave me hope about moving forward, that I one day would have the chance to compete at a higher level,” he said.
Mulligan, 22, now boasts a FIS Junior World Ski Championships silver medal from the 2018 downhill race. The winner was none other than another Whistler Cup alum from Mulligan’s years in Switzerland’s Marco Odermatt, who recently hit the podium in two late-season World Cup races. Mulligan said it’s always exciting to see Europe’s best come to his backyard, especially in a sport that so commonly revolves around Europe.

“It was always an exciting time of year because when you’re young, it was for sure the biggest race of the year,” Mulligan recalled during a break from the Canadian Alpine Ski Championships in late March. “We’d always look forward to it. It was always at the end of the season and it was exciting to see what teams were going to be there, from which countries and seeing a bunch of new kids.”

With a half-dozen years of wisdom gained from his final Whistler Cup until now, Mulligan has garnered some perspective on his roots in the sport. Success at this age isn’t the be-all, end-all for champions—and neither is failure for those who struggle.

“Ski racing takes a long time. There are people who have had success at Whistler Cup, like the Marcel Hirschers that have gone on to be superheroes right away,” said Mulligan. “There are just as many or more people who had no success and they’re also the ones winning the World Cups today.
“Enjoy the competition, but it’s not the end of the world either way. If you win at that level, you have to work very hard to keep winning. If you’re not there yet, it’s not game over.”

Now as a young gun on an up-and-coming Canadian alpine team, Mulligan still goes back a long way with many of his teammates, as he raced alongside Whistler Mountain Ski Club alums Riley Seger and Jack Crawford at the Whistler Cup.

“We have a great group of people I’ve been skiing with since I was at Whistler Cup,” he said. “No matter what’s been happening, it’s been fun to share this with really good friends.”